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Video Transfer Services

Our Video transfer services include converting family memories to DVD & USB from:


Digital 8 / Hi8 
8mm Video
Mini DV
Photos / Slides / 35mm & 110 Negatives 
8mm / Super 8 silent and SOUND FILM to DVD
Family recordings on audio tape to CD
sandisk 64.jpg
Video files from Memory cards
           Unlike the competition, that simply copies your tape to a DVD, Our service goes the extra mile, editing your video with color correction, adding Hollywood style effects, and  bringing new life to your family events once again.
          The same concept is applied while scanning photos, negatives and slides. Fade and color correction plus scratch and dust removal where applicable.
See the examples below. 
We custom design DVD artwork as shown in the examples below.
Contact our office for the GREAT LOW PRICE!
Kodak Slide Film 
Jan 1963. Chicago.
Left Side: Original Scan
Right Side: Remastered
Kodak 35mm Wedding Negative Scan from 1997
Our Recent VHS Transfer's To DVD
8mm Video Transfer to DVD
Mini DV Transfer to DVD
8mm AGFA Film Transfer to DVD. Photos snapped and remastered from the original reels.
Sample Transfer 
with added background music.
Liana și Horea
Nunta 22 julie 1972
A Family Collection of KODAK 8mm /
Super 8 Film with a Wedding from 1977 on Super 8 SOUND.
Audio track Digitally Remastered for Optimum Quality.
Super 8 Sound Transfer
Wedding from Rome: Jan 1977.
Jubileumi NagyTábor  Aug. 1966
Racoon Creek State Park. Pittsburgh, Pa
San Francisco 1970
Projector sound for effect only
Photos to DVD
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